"Alexandra's headshots are fantastic because she sets you at ease. It's hard to relax in such an unnatural environment but Alexandra is so kind and funny that you will find yourself genuinely smiling, and she's an amazing photographer on top of that. Not only will you have great pictures, you'll have a great afternoon as well."

-Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live)





"Shooting with Alexandra was a wonderful experience. I instantly felt comfortable around her. After a quick interview where she ascertained my needs and what I wanted to accomplish with the shoot, we headed outside to quirky Williamsburg, which provided ample background for the shoot. Alexandra displayed a great instinct in choosing 'urban space.' She molds her art to your specific needs, and continues shooting until you are confident you've achieved your goals. Alexandra is smart, warm, witty, sympathetic to actors, and truly talented. Plus, she's a stellar makeup artist! What more could you want? "

- Abigail Hawk (Detective Baker on Blue Bloods, CBS

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"It's really amazing how at ease Alex makes you feel. There's no pressure and you don't worry about time. With her level of patience, focus, talent, creativity and unique style you just know she's gonna capture...well,YOU. And what could be a better headshot than that? "

-Ava Eisenson (Actor/Model)





Alex is my favorite headshot photographer by far.  Our first session was fun and I felt like she used methods that were specifically right for me, as opposed to some polished routine she used on all her clients.  After receiving glowing compliments from colleagues on my finished headshots, I decided to go back to Alex for pictures appropriate for my cabaret profession.  I was equally happy with the results of this second visit.  Whenever someone asks who took my headshots, I urge them to go see Alex!”

- Joanna Howard (Actor/Jazz Singer)
Alex gets such great photos by creating a relaxed and comfortable shooting environment. Getting headshots taken is like going to the dentist for me, but I cant wait to shoot with Alex again.  The best I’ve ever had!”

 -Steve Ward (Actor/Musician)