Stuff You Should Know

I shoot outside on location in Williamsburg,  I use only natural light because I believe it to be the most flattering and also the most honest way of capturing a subject. During the shoot you will have the opportunity to change outfits as well as locations. Women may wish to try different hairstyles and makeup looks, and men may wish to shave half way through the shoot. These variations can be discussed and arranged prior to the session. The most important thing is that you view our photo-shoot as a collaboration. If you come with specific needs I will do my best to meet them and provide you with exactly the kind of photo you are seeking. I do not put a limit on the amount of shots taken, or the time spent. Everyone works differently and so I don’t like to set boundaries before I get to know you.

During the winter months or in the event of bad weather, I have a beautiful natural light studio in Manhattan. 

Before The Shoot

All sessions include a pre-shoot phone consultation to discuss wardrobe, looks and type.  We will get to know one another before our session and go over all the details of how the day will go.  I will answer any questions, address any concerns and we will come up with a plan that is tailored just for you!


2 looks $500
Two wardrobe changes, a nice option for people starting out who need
something basic or for corporate professionals.

3 looks- $625
This session allows for 3 wardrobe changes and is a bit more basic
than the multi-look and a bit more involved than the 2-look session.

Multi-look headshot session- $775
This includes a variety of headshot looks covering commercial, legit,
theatrical and type specific looks.

Headshots + Personality Shots- $875
This shoot adds on to the multi-look heashot session by allowing you
to do "personality shots" in addition to all the headshot looks.
Perfect for branding, images for your social media and website.
Allows us to express your personality through your photos without
having to stick to strict headshot guidelines.

Comp-card $1100
This session takes the multi look headshot package and adds on a
variety of type specific looks, life style print images, branding
images and personality shots. Perfect for those who want to do
commercial life style print modeling and or actors/models who want
images for their website as well as promotional materials.

INDIE SHOOT $400/2 Looks

An Indie-Shoot is a short, fun, energetic session that will provide you with dynamic images that are perfect for your website, social-media and branding. We focus on personality and style and make sure who you are shines through in the pictures! An indie-shoot is not a headshot session but can be added to any headshot package or can be booked on its own. For more information on booking an Indie-shoot, fill out the contact form.


*Makeup Application: $75 (for women)

*If you require additional needs such as straightening you hair or drastically changing your makeup or shaving, during the shoot, an additional fee will be decided based on your specific needs.

You are also welcome to bring your own artist with you if you prefer- however, doing your own makeup is not recommended unless you are well acquainted with what it means to be digitally photographed in color!

Additional packages are priced according to individual cases and can be discussed before you schedule an appointment. 

Once your session is scheduled, you must pay a $150 deposit to finalize the booking .  The remaining balance is due in full on the day of your shoot.  If you need to cancel, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to the session.



Because I shoot predominantly outside, when you schedule your appointment you will also get an additional date in case weather prohibits us from working outside...if you prefer to shoot indoors I have several studio locations that can be arranged, you will still be shot with natural light regardless of whether we shoot indoors or outside.

After the Shoot

After the shoot you will receive a link and password to view and download your images.  All images will be color-corrected and processed. 

For Rates regarding baby portraits, life-style print or any other offered services please contact me by filling out the form on the Contact tab.